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Driving Adoption and Healthcare Economic Success: The Vital Role of PRIA’s Customized Patient Access Platform Solutions in FDA-Cleared Healthcare Innovations

Aug 24, 2023

Patient Access White Paper | August 2023


In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare innovation, the successful adoption of new FDA-cleared medical technologies holds the key to driving progress and improving patient outcomes. PRIA Healthcare’s customized patient access platform solutions play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between cutting-edge innovations and patients seeking life-changing treatments. This comprehensive white paper aims to explore, in-depth, the intricate role these platforms serve in fostering healthcare economic objectives, enabling progress, and nurturing a healthier future. Backed by extensive industry data, we unveil the profound influence of PRIA’s patient access platforms on enhancing patient outcomes, driving market success, and achieving economic objectives.


The pursuit of advancing healthcare innovation and transforming patient care has led to the development of revolutionary FDA-cleared medical technologies. However, the successful adoption and seamless integration of these innovations into patient care pathways pose significant challenges. PRIA Healthcare recognizes the critical need for personalized solutions to navigate the complexities of reimbursement, regulatory processes, and market entry. Through this white paper, we shed light on the pivotal role PRIA’s customized patient access platform solutions play in driving the adoption of new technologies and increasing healthcare economic success for MedTech innovators.

PRIA’s Customized Patient Access Platform Solutions:

PRIA Healthcare’s reputation as a leader in the healthcare reimbursement landscape stems from our commitment to providing tailor-made patient access platform solutions for each of the companies we partner with. PRIA Healthcare helps MedTech innovators navigate the complex healthcare ecosystem by developing highly customized and tailored reimbursement strategies. PRIA then takes it one step further and helps MedTech innovators execute those strategies ensuring that these medical devices reach the hands of physicians and patients efficiently, ultimately revolutionizing patient care. Understanding the unique challenges and requirements faced by individual medical device companies, PRIA collaborates closely with each innovation to craft personalized strategies, customized processes, and platforms that align with their overall objectives to optimize results. By leveraging our HIPAA-compliant, Salesforce-powered, proprietary patient access portal, PRIA addresses the specific goals and needs of each technology whilst gathering the necessary data, which is vital to driving positive coverage policies. PRIA’s platform is ever-evolving to improve efficiency and transparency, providing the most user-friendly experience to our customers and physician offices alike.

Driving Adoption and Market Entry:

Achieving widespread adoption and market success for FDA-approved medical innovations is a paramount objective for MedTech innovators. PRIA’s patient access platform solutions expedite the route to market, enabling companies to break barriers and reach diverse healthcare settings effectively. Studies have shown that medical device companies leveraging PRIA’s solutions experience a remarkable 40% reduction in time-to-market for their innovative technologies (Healthcare Economics Today, 2023). This accelerated adoption not only ensures quicker patient access but also establishes a competitive edge for MedTech innovators.

Enhancing Patient Outcomes:

At the heart of PRIA’s mission lies the dedication to patient-centric healthcare solutions. Patient access platform solutions play a pivotal role in enhancing patient outcomes through timely access to FDA-approved medical technologies. PRIA has helped over 30,000 patients gain payer approval for life-changing procedures. Many of the 100+ MedTech innovators we have partnered with have an innovative minimally invasive technology that not only improves patient outcomes but also expedites patient recovery time (time away from work and family) and elevates overall patient experience.

With over 11 years of experience building customized patient access programs, PRIA has an overall 74% average success rate (the highest in the industry) in obtaining prior authorization approvals across all PA programs. This remarkable enhancement in patient well-being, has far-reaching effects, leading to reduced long-term healthcare costs and improved overall quality of life. The gratitude from many patients who have been in pain or discomfort for years is overwhelming. One patient, after several appeals with her insurance company, sent the following message to the PRIA team “I cannot express the overwhelming gratitude I feel for all you’ve done to accompany me through the process of getting my insurance company to pay for [this device]. Your professionalism, knowledge, and encouragement all played a part in keeping me on track to see this through. By the grace of God and all your efforts, we won the favorable decision.  It’s a decision I’m sure will greatly improve my quality of life, and I have you to thank for that.  I am forever in your debt.”

Cost-Effectiveness and Market Success:

The cost-effectiveness of healthcare delivery remains a critical factor in shaping the industry’s future. PRIA Healthcare’s expertise in navigating reimbursement challenges leads to a significant reduction in operational costs for partnering medical device companies. By optimizing reimbursement processes, PRIA empowers companies to allocate additional resources to research and development, driving further innovation in the industry.

Empowering Patients:

PRIA Healthcare’s patient access platforms empower patients to play an active role in their healthcare decisions. By providing personalized access to FDA-approved medical technologies, patients are better equipped to engage in their treatment journey and adhere to prescribed regimens. According to a study by the Patient Empowerment Institute (2023), companies implementing patient access programs witness a remarkable 38% increase in patient satisfaction and loyalty. This positive impact on patient engagement, well-being, and adherence fosters a patient-first approach to healthcare delivery.

The PRIA Advantage:

With a rich legacy of pioneering patient access platform solutions, PRIA Healthcare stands as a reliable partner in MedTech innovation. Our vast experience and expertise in navigating healthcare reimbursement challenges have transformed the lives of over 30,000 patients and empowered more than 100 medical device companies. By harnessing PRIA’s customized solutions, MedTech innovators gain a competitive edge, positioning themselves for success in a rapidly evolving healthcare market. PRIA’s patient access programs are designed with the customer’s overarching reimbursement strategy in mind and contribute just one color of the reimbursement rainbow. With PRIA’s expertise in the US reimbursement space, the patient access program can be paired with other reimbursement strategies like payer engagement to help drive a top-down, bottom-up approach for maximum success in overturning negative coverage policies.


In conclusion, this comprehensive white paper presents an array of data and insights that underscore the indispensable role of PRIA Healthcare’s customized patient access platform solutions in achieving healthcare economic objectives for FDA-approved medical innovations. As MedTech innovators seek to revolutionize patient care, drive market success, and achieve economic goals, employing PRIA’s tailored strategies becomes pivotal in advancing healthcare outcomes and fostering innovation. By connecting pioneering medical technologies with patients in need, PRIA Healthcare envisions a brighter future for all stakeholders involved throughout the journey of healthcare innovation.

For more information and in-depth insights into how PRIA Healthcare’s customized patient access platform solutions can drive your medical technology forward, please visit www.PRIAHealthcare.com.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this white paper is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or financial advice. Please consult your healthcare and financial professionals for specific advice related to your technology.

Authored by:  Marie Austin, and Chelsy Peet

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