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Marie Austin

Marketing Manager

Marie Austin joined PRIA Healthcare in the first quarter of 2022 after a nearly double-decade tenure in the marketing and business development arenas.  Having held various executive positions in marketing from Directorship to Vice Presidency, Marie has experience in all facets of marketing and continues to enhance her expertise.  Highly educated and a perpetual learner, Marie has various degrees in marketing and ancillary subjects including post-baccalaureate studies in Marketing Strategy and Human Resource Management.  A philanthropist and volunteer, Marie is the founder of Simsbury Lights the Night, a volunteer organization backed by the Chamber of Commerce that digitally maps out Holiday Light displays throughout the town during the Yuletide season to benefit sponsorship of local families in need (soon to be expanding to the state of Connecticut).

Marie’s true passion in life is helping people and she quotes “I joined the PRIA Family because of its mission, vision, and values of improving the quality of lives for patients in need.  A company’s objective echos the culture within the organization.”  Marie is also a pillar in the internal PRIA community and co-leads the Communications Committee as well as the PRIA Book Club.  A true extrovert, adventurer, and artist, Marie loves to travel, play her 8-stringed ukulele, draw, and spend time with her son.