What We Do

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Strategic Reimbursement Services

PRIA’s Team of Strategic Reimbursement professionals have the knowledge and experience you need to effectively navigate the complexities of medical device reimbursement in the US healthcare market. Our services support the assessment, planning, and execution required to create durable patient access to your innovation.

Landscape Assessments & Strategy Development

  • Coding, coverage, payment assessment & analysis
  • Evidence review
  • Development of strategic reimbursement plan

Clinical Trial Reimbursement Services

  • Medicare IDE approval for reimbursement
  • Clinical trial site reimbursement on-boarding, education & materials development
  • Clinical trial authorization & appeals support
  • Collection of economic data to support future coding and payment strategies

Coding & Payment Initiatives for New Technologies

  • CPT®, ICD-10, HCPCS application process
  • New technology add-on payments
  • Transitional pass through payments

Medical Director Services

  • Payer advisory panels
  • Policy analysis and considerations for coverage
  • Payer insight into technology assessment and coverage decisions

Reimbursement Hotline Services

  • Customer on-boarding & education
  • Dedicated resource for customer reimbursement inquiries
  • Customer support for claim adjudication

Payer Engagement Services

  • Policy monitoring services
  • Targeted payer outreach for coverage
  • Value brief and evidence dossier development
  • KOL payer presentations

Everything we do, we do to convince payers to cover your medical device.