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As industry experts and experienced patient access consultants, PRIA Healthcare is passionate about accelerating the adoption and commercialization of the most advanced medical procedures.

Passion & Persistence

We take a thoughtful and persistent approach to our process, ensuring coverage and access for patients in need of truly innovative medical treatments and procedures.

Excellent Results

Our innovative patient-access portal is the only one of its kind and has given us unparalleled success in obtaining medical device reimbursement and providing widespread market access to medical devices. Since 2012, we have given thousands of patients access to the medical devices they need.

An Advocate for Health

We believe in the life-changing capabilities of innovative medical devices and procedures. We know providers are the most qualified to determine the medical necessity of a specific procedure for their patient and we refuse to let the selfish interests of insurance companies get in the way.

We are PRIA.

And we’re ready to accelerate the adoption and
commercialization of your medical innovation.