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To Accelerate the Adoption of Healthcare Innovation by Advocating for Consistent and
Reliable Reimbursement

  • PRIA is determined to accelerate the adoption and rapid commercialization of innovative medical devices and procedures.
  • PRIA’s deep expertise in early reimbursement strategy, clinical trial reimbursement programs, and market-leading patient access programs ultimately enhance the market success of ground-breaking medical device procedures.
  • PRIA’s ability to define a reimbursement pathway for new products, support third-party clinical trial reimbursement, and drive a patient’s access to new medical device procedures accelerates the market success of medical device companies navigating the complexity of coding, coverage, and payment for novel procedures.

We’re leading the charge

to accelerate the adoption of innovative healthcare technologies

Medical Device Manufacturers

We overcome insurance coverage and reimbursement barriers so your device can realize its full market potential.


We believe you know what’s best for your patients; we help put medical decision-making back in your hands.


Insurance coverage shouldn’t stand in the way of your health. We fight to gain access to the treatments you need.