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Chelsy Peet

Senior Manager, Business Development

Senior Manager of Business Development, Chelsy Peet is PRIA’s resident process expert.  She apprises new and existing clients about PRIA’s suite of offerings, from our patient-based appeal process, to accessing PRIA’s portal for up to the minute insights on each patients progress-Chelsy is an educator first and foremost.  She simplifies the magic that happens behind the scenes and helps to make our process more palatable and accessible for our partners, ensuring success at every turn.

As an integral part of the Business Development team at PRIA, Chelsy is the fearless leader of our Field Development Managers, a rapidly expanding part of the organization.  Having been with PRIA for 3 years, Chelsy loves the culture, mission, and vision at PRIA.  “I love that not only are we helping individual patients, but also helping companies with life changing technologies thrive in the market” Chelsy notes.

Prior to her tenure with PRIA, Chelsy was a sales enablement professional in the commercial lines insurance sector, still holding her Property & Casualty license in the state of Connecticut.  Having spent many years in business development, Chelsy has a knack for communication and leadership.

When Chelsy isn’t educating our clients or leading her team, she can likely be found at the lake paddle boarding or swimming with her two sons.