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Illuminating the Path to Pain and Spinal Dysfunction Relief: PRIA Healthcare’s Mission at NASS Annual Meeting, and NSPC’s The Business of Pain Conference

by | Oct 19, 2023

Illuminating the Path to Pain and Spinal Dysfunction Relief: PRIA Healthcare's Mission at the NASS Annual Meeting, and NSPC's The Business of Pain Conference

Pain, both chronic and acute, is a universal human experience. It transcends borders, affects people of all ages, and can be utterly debilitating. Yet, despite its pervasive presence, pain often remains in the shadows, an unspoken burden for those who endure it. On this journey towards increased pain awareness, PRIA Healthcare stands as a beacon of hope, particularly in the realm of Spine and pain specialty.

Pain, often called the silent epidemic, silently plagues the lives of millions, impairing their quality of life and well-being. At PRIA Healthcare, we unite with the WHO, IASP, NASS, and NSPC to spotlight the significance of pain awareness and spinal health, and treatment for debilitating conditions as a fundamental human right. We are committed to accelerating innovation in pain management and spinal health, and we are thrilled to be part of the significant movement to create awareness, propel technology, and improve outcomes for those affected by these disease states.

It has indeed been a monumental week for the Spine and Pain specialty, marked by two significant observances – World Spine Day on Monday and the Global Day Against Pain on Tuesday; additionally, IASP has declared 2023 The Global Year for Integrative Pain Care. These events and initiatives have served as powerful reminders of the global importance of spinal health and the urgent need for effective pain management.

The Burden of Spinal Pain:

Within the realm of pain, spinal health plays an instrumental role. Spinal issues can lead to chronic pain, impacting individuals across the lifespan and often becoming the leading cause of disability worldwide. Conditions like osteoporosis, spinal injuries, and degenerative disc diseases can cause excruciating pain, limiting mobility, and diminishing one’s overall quality of life. The need for effective, innovative treatments in the Spine and Pain specialty is pressing.

Spinal pain, whether arising from injuries, degenerative conditions, or other causes, is a pervasive and often underestimated problem. It touches the lives of millions, leading to reduced mobility, diminished quality of life, and the potential for long-term disability. Recognizing this burden is the first step toward finding solutions.

The significance of raising awareness about pain and spinal health cannot be overstated. Increased awareness leads to greater empathy, increased support, and expanded funding for research and development in pain management. Chronic pain isn’t merely a physical ailment; it profoundly affects mental health, quality of life, and overall well-being. Recognizing pain as a disease empowers individuals to seek help, reduces stigma, and propels innovation in this critical field.

Pain is more than a mere symptom; it’s a silent epidemic that touches countless lives globally. However, its treatment, management, and the need for improved awareness have often been overlooked, and we stand in solidarity with the WHO, IASP, NASS, and NSPC to be a driving force in not only illuminating the challenges of these conditions but also powering innovations that improve patient outcomes, regenerating the quality of life for countless patients.

PRIA Healthcare: A Beacon of Hope in Pain Management:

PRIA Healthcare has embarked on a mission to champion pain awareness and innovation in the Spine and Pain specialty. We understand that pain, especially chronic pain, demands more than just treatment—it requires comprehensive management, compassionate care, and cutting-edge solutions.

We have the privilege of working closely with neurostimulation, neuromodulation, and spinal dysfunction innovators. These groundbreaking technologies hold immense promise in transforming the lives of individuals enduring chronic pain and spinal conditions. By facilitating market access and reimbursement strategies, we play a pivotal role in ensuring that these life-changing solutions reach the patients who need them most.

Our partnership with innovators in the Spine and Pain specialty is instrumental in accelerating innovations to market adoption. We bridge the gap between cutting-edge technologies and patient access, ensuring that these life-changing solutions reach those in need. By facilitating reimbursement strategies and navigating the intricacies of market access, we empower innovators to focus on what they do best—developing breakthrough solutions for pain relief.

Our journey in the Spine and Pain specialty has been marked by success stories. These stories aren’t just about business achievements; they are about the lives we’ve touched and the pain we’ve alleviated. They are about the innovative minds we’ve collaborated with and the solutions we’ve brought to the market.

At PRIA Healthcare, we stand firmly committed to accelerating innovations and therapies that address the challenges faced by individuals with spine and pain conditions. Our dedication to advancing healthcare innovation in this field is unwavering, and we believe that through collaboration with pioneering minds and our tireless efforts, we can bring relief and improved quality of life to those who endure the burden of chronic pain.

Our role doesn’t stop at facilitating access; it extends to elevating awareness about the importance of pain management and spinal health. We believe that awareness is the first step towards meaningful change. By joining forces with PRIA Healthcare, innovators in the Spine and Pain specialty can amplify their impact, ensuring that their life-changing solutions reach those who need them most.

At PRIA Healthcare, awareness of Spinal Health and Chronic Pain conditions isn’t limited to just a single day on the calendar though; for us, it’s an ongoing movement to transform the lives of those who suffer. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this movement, working hand in hand with innovators in the Spine and Pain specialty to accelerate healthcare innovation and improve patient outcomes. Our journey towards a pain-free world is marked by compassion, commitment, and an unwavering dedication to improving spinal health.

In observance of raising awareness of spine and pain conditions, we’re proud to be a part of industry events that discuss concerns, uncover emerging technologies that address Spine and Pain conditions, and provide a platform for thought-leaders in the specialty to conquer these ailments that affect millions.

North American Spine Society Annual Conference: 

October 18-21, 2023

Los Angeles, CA

The North American Spine Society (NASS) is a prominent medical organization dedicated to advancing spine care and research. Comprising a community of spine specialists, surgeons, researchers, and healthcare professionals, NASS is at the forefront of developments in spinal health and treatment. The annual NASS conference serves as a platform for sharing the latest clinical and scientific knowledge, innovative technologies, and best practices in spine care. Attendees include medical practitioners, researchers, industry experts, and organizations like PRIA Healthcare, all coming together to foster collaboration, exchange ideas, and contribute to improving patient outcomes in the field of spine health.

PRIA Healthcare is excited to announce our participation in the North American Spine Society (NASS) conference in Los Angeles. This event is a remarkable opportunity for us to connect with professionals and innovators in the Spine and Pain specialty. Our Executive Vice President of Reimbursement, Value Generation, and Market Access (RVMA), Tonya Dowd, MPH is eager to engage in discussions, share insights, and explore collaborative opportunities that can further drive advancements in spine health and pain management. As trusted partners in navigating the complex landscape of reimbursement and patient access for groundbreaking innovations, we’re here to support the industry’s efforts in delivering the best possible care to those in need.

The Business of Pain Conference:

October 20-22, 2023

Orlando, FL

The Business of Pain Conference, presented by National Spine & Pain Centers, is an annual symposium that unites clinicians and industry partners dedicated to advancing pain medicine. This event serves as a critical platform for discussing vital issues and challenges within the pain medicine sector, providing valuable insights, and fostering collaboration among experts, clinical providers, administrators, and industry leaders.

This conference is a prime opportunity to connect with PRIA Healthcare’s dedicated team. Our experts, including Stephanie DeFelice, eMBA, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, will be in attendance to discuss how we can support your journey in pain management innovation. We welcome the chance to explore how we can collaborate to make pain relief more accessible and effective.

PRIA Healthcare is excited to engage with pioneering innovators and thought leaders in the spine and pain specialty at these life-changing events. We understand that navigating the intricate landscape of reimbursement strategy, market access, and adoption can be challenging, especially for those introducing groundbreaking therapies and technologies in this arena. We welcome the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and share our expertise. Through our comprehensive services, PRIA is committed to supporting innovators in their journey to bring game-changing solutions to patients suffering from spine and pain conditions. Together, we can accelerate the adoption of novel treatments and make a meaningful impact on patient care and outcomes in the spine and pain specialty.

PRIA Healthcare – Accelerating Healthcare Innovation

 Authored by: 

Marie Austin

Marketing Manager

PRIA Healthcare

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