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Scott Briscoe

Talent Acquisition Manager

The journey for every PRIA employee begins with Scott Briscoe, PRIA’s Manager of Talent Acquisition.  Joining PRIA in the first quarter of 2022, Scott brings an innate knack for procuring and securing the creme de la creme of talent for PRIA Healthcare and attracts vibrance to the PRIA community.  As the first point of contact for employees, Scott plays a vital role in maintaining the people-centric PRIA culture. As PRIA’s hunter and gatherer for talent, Scott explains “In my role, I need to have some very good answers for the question ‘Why should I come to work at PRIA’.  I’m proud that I have fantastic answers. PRIA has a palpable culture, but it isn’t forced or contrived, which is very rare in my experience.” 

From identifying capabilities to attracting and retaining the very best people for career opportunities, Scott is known for being an incredible reader of character and an excellent resume critic.  Scott has an extensive history in recruiting and has held various positions including Regional VP of Recruiting in his nearly two-decade career.  Simply put, if there is talent out there, Scott will find it.  A North Carolina native, Scott proudly cheers on the NC State Wolfpack and the Atlanta Braves and has talents of his own on the golf course and on the guitar.