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Miranda Kenney

Account Manager

Highly educated, and with a thirst for knowledge, Miranda Kenney joined the PRIA team in 2018 and continues to grow her professional and personal expertise.  As a Central Connecticut State University (BA, Economics), and St. Joseph’s University (MBA) alum, Miranda has persistently expanded her business acumen and career at PRIA Healthcare.  Starting with PRIA as a Case Manager, Miranda has been promoted to Program Lead (leading 6 client programs and support teams), and most recently to Account Manager, where she’s able to flex her client program prowess muscle, and further develop her patient access mastery.  Working diligently and directly with our clients, Miranda onboards new client programs initiates and executes reporting, communicates strategic value propositions, evaluates, and strategizes programs for optimization, and organizes cross-functional duties of program support teams all while meeting and exceeding client expectations.

As a co-leader of PRIA’s Communications Committee and a graduate of PRIA’s Leadership & Development program, Miranda says: “I love that PRIA allows me to be independent but supportive at the same time. I have the flexibility to learn new aspects of the job/ company which has really helped me grow professionally and personally. I also have really loved building some of the relationships/friendships here, some of these people are truly amazing.”

Also an avid participant in PRIA’s Book Club, Miranda loves to read and can often be caught with a book or her kindle at any given moment; even when she is exploring new destinations near and far with her family and dog, Max. “You never know when you’ll have time to read!”  A true learner, indeed.