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Melinda Delaney

Senior Director, Program Management

Melinda Delaney

Melinda’s function at PRIA Healthcare:

Melinda is responsible for managing and overseeing the day-to-day operating procedures across the company to ensure quality, efficiency, and overall company success.

Melinda’s life before joining the People of PRIA Healthcare:

Melinda worked in the healthcare space, with her career beginning in the health insurance industry and transitioning to home healthcare, and then behavioral health.

Melinda’s life outside of PRIA Healthcare:

Outside of PRIA, Melinda enjoys spending time with her husband and two beautiful daughters as well as her extended family. Currently, she is in the process of renovating her home which requires a lot of time planning, designing, and painting. In her free time, she also enjoys dabbling in event planning and interior design.

Melinda’s full bio:

As a 5-year veteran of PRIA, Melinda Delaney, the Senior Director of Program Management is dedicated to “managing the Operations Department and ensuring that we have the most efficient and effective processes and procedures in place to provide quality service to our clients and patients.” Melinda came to PRIA with several years of experience in the healthcare and medical insurance industries and continues to grow her career at PRIA.

The Operations Department is the cornerstone of PRIA, and her team of subject matter experts helps to combat payer coverage barriers by gaining patients access to the care that they need by working to establish new innovative technologies as clinically sound, cost-effective, and medically necessary with payers to gain broad-based positive coverage. She helps her team “focus on centralizing the process through each program’s unique patient access portal, in an effort to increase utilization of life-changing products and procedures and accelerate adoption,” Melinda notes. From ensuring that patient access programs are running like clockwork, to promoting events that foster and build the unique culture of PRIA, Melinda is an all-around team player. Some of her accomplishments include her participation in the Aldrich Capital Partners Leadership Institute in 2022, as well as being nominated as PRIA’s 2022 Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.).

“I love PRIA because of our company’s mission, the culture, and the opportunities for growth and development. We cultivate an environment of camaraderie and provide support to one another. There is a true sense of empowerment among our employees, and we work hard to ensure that everyone is set up for success.” Melinda says after being asked what she loves most about PRIA. Aside from loving her coworkers as family, Melinda also enjoys interior design, event planning, watching movies, exploring new restaurants, and spending time with her family.