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Kelly Petrucci

Executive Vice President, Operations & Strategy

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Kelly Petrucci is a distinguished market access leader with over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, specializing in pharmaceuticals, durable medical equipment, biologics, and medical devices. As the Executive Vice President of Operations and Strategy at PRIA, Kelly spearheads the operations team, which includes account management, case management, and patient access leadership. Her role involves managing operational processes, ensuring strategic oversight, and optimizing customer satisfaction.

Kelly’s expertise encompasses strategic support, patient access programs, and healthcare policy. In her previous role as CEO of Ascend Access Healthcare, she led a market access consulting organization that delivered comprehensive market access strategies to companies, including prior authorization, market landscape assessments, commercial strategy, healthcare policy, and payer dynamics.

Prior to Ascend Access Healthcare, Kelly served as the Global Vice President of Strategy and Market Access for Gynesonics. There, she achieved coverage for 280 million lives, including 99% of all Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in the US. Under her leadership, the organization transitioned from a temporary Category III Code to a successful Category I code, showcasing her ability to drive impactful outcomes.

Kelly’s leadership experience includes managing multi-functional teams both on-site and remotely. Her responsibilities have spanned in-house authorizations, benefit verifications, data analytics, payer relations, and program design. She collaborates closely with the CEO and other senior leaders to execute daily tasks, contribute to company strategy, and drive improvements in processes, efficiencies, and technology enhancements.

Kelly’s extensive background and proven track record make her a valuable asset in advancing PRIA’s mission to provide innovative healthcare solutions.