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Jill Oliveira

Director of Platform Solutions

After having been an independent consultant for over a decade, Jill Oliveira joined PRIA in 2019 as the Director of Platform Solutions. Jill is PRIA’s digital interface guru and leads the technology team at PRIA to ensure seamless delivery of PRIA’s Patient Access Programs. The team strives to provide a high-quality and user-friendly platform experience to both clients and employees. Jill has an ongoing 10-year relationship with Salesforce, the platform that drives PRIA services, and celebrates 6 Salesforce certifications. Prior to joining PRIA, Jill specialized in leading projects for companies across multiple industries in Advisory, Project Management, Solutions Architecture/Engineering and Client Success roles.

Jill knows all things technical, and she is also a dedicated team member and considers PRIA family. “The people and culture are what drew me to PRIA. Having worked independently for over 10 years, getting back into a full-time role with an organization was quite a shift! The employees at PRIA feel more like family. I felt welcome and part of the team since day 1. The dedication, drive, and determination of the employees to be the best they can be and support one another in the process make me proud to be part of PRIA. And, of course, the fact that we help patients gain access to life-changing medical procedures is something that continues to motivate me every day.” Jill notes.

When Jill is not building digital solutions, she enjoys traveling the world and making new memories with her family-especially in the Caribbean! Jill is also her children’s biggest fan on the baseball and softball diamonds.