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Jeffrey Sirek

CEO, Board Member

Jeffrey Sirek 3

As Chief Executive Officer for PRIA Healthcare, a leader in market and patient access solutions for medical devices and procedural innovations, Jeffrey Sirek spearheads PRIA’s strategy of accelerating the adoption of and increasing patient access to, cutting-edge technology and treatments for patients in need.

With an extensive history in commercialization and driving the adoption of innovative therapies, Jeffrey is a subject matter expert in navigating the hindrances that healthcare companies encounter in the concept-to-adoption journey.  Hosting over 25 years of experience in healthcare economics and medical innovation, Jeffrey has in-depth experience in FemTech and diagnostic AI solutions and is a subject matter expert in the reproductive health arena.

By addressing obstacles that prevent medical innovation companies from giving, and patients from receiving, state-of-the-art treatments available for various disease states, Jeffrey is dedicated to “putting patients first,” to improve quality of life and the advancement of innovation in healthcare.  Having in-depth experience and knowledge in FemTech and Women’s Health, Jeffrey and his team of experts will discuss common barriers that medical innovators face in Reproductive Health, and how to navigate these challenges successfully through reimbursement and patient access pathways.