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Chelsy Peet

Senior Manager, Business Development

Chelsy’s function at PRIA Healthcare:

Chelsy is PRIA’s process expert on the Business Development team. She helps potential clients understand the myriad of ways that PRIA can optimize their reimbursement journey.

Chelsy’s life before joining the People of PRIA Healthcare:

Prior to joining PRIA in 2019, Chelsy worked in the commercial insurance industry and still holds her Property and Casualty (Commercial Lines) Insurance license in the state of Connecticut.

Chelsy’s life outside of PRIA Healthcare:

When Chelsy isn’t at PRIA, you can find her enjoying the outdoors with her two sons, and their newly rescued puppy, Toby.  Some of her favorite scenery includes lakes, hiking, or traveling to new places, like Iceland!

Chelsy’s full bio:

Chelsy Peet, our Senior Manager of Business Development, embarked on her journey with PRIA Healthcare in 2019. Initially joining as an Account Manager, Chelsy took charge of overseeing some of our most extensive and intricate programs. Her exceptional contributions to these projects laid the foundation for her subsequent role.

In Q1 2022, Chelsy transitioned to the Business Development team, where she assumed the pivotal role of our resident process expert. Her primary focus is on familiarizing both new and existing clients with PRIA’s diverse portfolio of solutions. This encompasses everything from our innovative patient access platform solutions to our comprehensive advisory council and payer engagement services.

Chelsy possesses a remarkable talent for simplifying the intricate processes that drive our operations behind the scenes. Her mission is to make these processes more comprehensible and accessible to our partners, ensuring their success at every juncture.

At PRIA Healthcare, Chelsy finds herself deeply aligned with our culture, mission, and vision. She shares, “I’m passionate about the fact that we’re not just transforming the lives of individual patients; we’re also empowering companies with groundbreaking technologies to flourish in the market.”

Prior to joining the PRIA family, Chelsy made significant contributions as a sales enablement professional in the commercial lines insurance sector. To this day, she holds her property and casualty license in the state of Connecticut. Her extensive experience, which spans many years of managing accounts and collaborating with individuals at various organizational levels, has honed her exceptional communication and leadership skills.

Outside of her role in educating our valued clients, Chelsy enjoys exploring new destinations with her family. She also channels her energy through invigorating spin classes, which keep her both physically active and mentally sharp. Chelsy’s enthusiasm and dedication shine through in every aspect of her work at PRIA Healthcare.