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Meghan Koutros

Sr. Manager, Client Delivery

Joining PRIA in 2019 after managing over $2 billion in assets for fixed-income accounts for health insurance clients, Meghan Koutros is PRIA’s Senior Manager of Client Delivery.  As PRIA’s resident expert in client relations, Meghan is responsible for overseeing the successful launch throughout the implementation process for new patient access programs and additionally facilitates the use of best practices, improvements, and innovation for current processes and programs.  As an accomplished talent in all things client-facing, Meghan has independently managed the top two revenue-generating clients and programs for PRIA.  She has also helped to initiate and implement the first clinical trial program for the company.  Consistently exceeding client and program expectations, Meghan has held a client retention rate of over 80% In her 3.5-year tenure at PRIA!  When Meghan is not analyzing and strategizing processes and ideas for patient access programs to further drive success and liberate life-changing therapies to patients in need of care, she can be found spending time with her family and friends.  Her love for people echoes throughout her work at PRIA, and she quotes: “I love working at PRIA, I love what we do and how we help patients get access to the care they otherwise would be prevented from receiving by insurance companies. I love the people I work with and enjoy coming to work every day!”

Some of Meghan’s hobbies include living a healthfully balanced lifestyle between exercising and eating her favorite foods with her family and friends.  She enjoys traveling and living life to the fullest, which is reflected in her passion for PRIA’s mission.