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PRIA Healthcare Expands Services and Executive Leadership Team to Address Unmet Needs in MedTech and Life Science Innovation

Apr 25, 2023

For Immediate Release

Torrington, CT, April 25th, 2023 – PRIA Healthcare, whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of healthcare innovation by advocating for consistent and reliable reimbursement, has announced the expansion of its services and executive leadership team, to better serve the healthcare innovation industry, this week.

PRIA is a trusted partner for innovators in MedTech and life science and is poised to address the unmet needs of the healthcare innovation market by driving the adoption of novel medical technology through market and patient access solutions, ultimately bringing life-changing therapies to patients in need of critical care for their disease state.

After being a vital resource in Patient Access Solutions for over 100 medical device companies for 10 years, PRIA Healthcare has broadened their service portfolio to support innovators from concept through commercialization. PRIA is partnering with medical device companies to de-risk their pathway to market earlier in the product journey, enabling advancements in technology to reach the market (and patients) faster.

Supported by Aldrich Capital Partners, a Washington DC-based private equity firm, PRIA Healthcare’s CEO, Jeffrey Sirek, elaborates on the recent pivot: “After years of analysis and evaluation of the underserved areas in MedTech and life science, we’ve learned that a gap exists in the early stages of innovation, which prevents many new technologies from ever reaching patients.  By curating the strongest team of reimbursement experts in the industry to better support innovators throughout the entire product journey, PRIA is able to drive market access for our clients and improve patient outcomes by helping innovators plan their commercial strategy early and navigate the complexities of coding, coverage, and payment in the U.S. reimbursement ecosystem.”

To support this recent expansion of services, PRIA Healthcare has hired four new tenured executives:

From left to right:  Jeffrey Sirek, CEO; Tonya Dowd, Executive Vice President of Reimbursement, Value Generation and Market Access (RVMA); Stephanie DeFelice, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing; Jeffrey Mortimer, Vice President of Client Success; Jennifer Saab Director of Reimbursement, Value Generation and Market Access (RVMA)

Tonya Dowd, Executive Vice President of Reimbursement, Value Generation, and Market Access (RVMA) for PRIA Healthcare quotes: “Developing a holistic reimbursement strategy for new and novel technologies in the U.S. is a complex and iterative process, as our ecosystem is fragmented and there is often difficulty involved in gaining market access and adoption.  Life science innovators are in dire need of the support of our experts to traverse the reimbursement wilderness and drive the adoption of new therapies, diagnostics, and health management tools.”

PRIA’s state-of-the-art patient access programs work in tandem with their reimbursement, value generation, and market access team of industry-renowned experts to successfully execute a commercial strategy that achieves accelerated and scalable growth; ultimately supporting the overall adoption of advancements in healthcare technology, bringing new technologies to life, and new life to patients.

Equipped with a proprietary, salesforce-powered, HIPAA – compliant, real-time, and cloud-based portal, PRIA Healthcare executes benefits verification, prior authorization, pre, and post-service appeals, as well as external reviews to ensure that novel therapies are accessible to those that need it most, driving commercialization of advancements in healthcare.

About PRIA Healthcare:  Founded in 2012, PRIA Healthcare is the industry-leading market and patient access partner for medical device companies in the United States.  Headquartered in Torrington, CT, PRIA has helped over 30,000 patients obtain life-changing therapies for various conditions and disease states, improving quality of life and patient outcomes for over 10 years.  Passionately tasked with accelerating innovation in healthcare, PRIA is dedicated to providing exceptional patient health advocacy, by influencing the sustainable adoption and reliable reimbursement of new technologies.  Visit https://www.priahealthcare.com to learn more.

Media Contact:  Marie Austin, Marketing Manager, PRIA Healthcare.  [email protected]


Read full article here:  https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/pria-healthcare-expands-services-and-executive-leadership-team-to-address-unmet-needs-in-medtech-and-life-science-innovation-301806713.html