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Download PRIA-Branded Font Family to your Machine

  1. Click here.
  2.  In the upper right corner, you will see a button that says “Download Font Family.”  Click this button.
  3.  The recent download files will appear as a .zip destination (file) either/both:
  4.  In your “Downloads” icon to the right of your web browser bar, and/or:
  5. In your “Downloads” folder on your machine – Click “Finder,” then select “Downloads,” the .zip should be there.
  6.  Right-click on the .zip file (from either file location), and select “open with” from the side drop-down menu.
  7.  After you select “open with” from the side dropdown menu, select “Font Book.”
  8. The various versions and iterations of our PRIA-branded font family will open in a separate window.  You may see movement of green download progress bars.
  9. In the separate window (the “Font Book” window) that opened up, you are going to click on the very first font file.
  10. Then, CLICK AND HOLD the shift button.
  11. Then, click the second from the bottom font file.  (This will select all of the font files that you need, instead of individually selecting)
  12. After all of the font files are highlighted in blue (this means that they are all selected), you are going to RIGHT CLICK within the blue highlighted area, and another dropdown option will appear.
  13. Select “Validate.”
  14. After all of the font families have successfully validated with your machine’s operating system, there should be an option to hit an “OK” button and close this window, on the bottom right of this window.
  15. Feel free to close out of the web browser tab, the font files, font book window.
  16. Click here to let Erica know that you’ve completed this first task.