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Compassion and People: PRIA Healthcare’s Brand Reemergence Emphasizes Partnership and Connection

Aug 22, 2023


Compassion and People: PRIA Healthcare’s Brand Reemergence Emphasizes Partnership and Connection

[Torrington, CT, August 23, 2023] PRIA Healthcare is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand reemergence today. The rebranding initiative represents a significant milestone in PRIA’s journey towards driving advancements in the medical device industry and opening access to novel and potentially life-saving technologies to patients. 

Leading PRIA’s Team is Jeff Sirek, PRIA’s Chief Executive Officer. The brand reemergence signifies a milestone in PRIA’s ongoing mission to accelerate the adoption of healthcare innovation by advocating for consistent and reliable reimbursement. The healthcare eco-system is dynamic in nature, and PRIA’s brand represents our ongoing commitment to adapt to a changing environment and provide our partners and providers with the latest solutions to facilitate mainstream product acceptance.”

PRIA’s rebranding journey began in late 2022, with a deep exploration of what the PRIA brand truly represents, both externally and internally. For over a decade, PRIA has been at the forefront of patient access programs, working with groundbreaking MedTech innovators to advocate on behalf of patients to insurance companies to cover life-changing medical devices and procedures. PRIA’s focus on providing transparency, attention to detail, flexibility, and industry expertise enables its people to calm the chaos of typical patient access programs and design effective, tailored solutions for each client. 

As access to innovative healthcare consistently changes, PRIA is evolving and expanding its service portfolio to address the needs of the US Healthcare market. 

Stephanie DeFelice, PRIA’s Vice President of Business Development and Marketing,. “Today we partner with our clients earlier in their road to commercialization. Identifying the product need, understanding the patient journey, and building a value-based strategy alongside our clients. Our industry-leading reimbursement team works to engage payers from the top down while our steadfast case managers advocate for positive payer coverage from the ground up. We think about what commercial success looks like from the onset of our partnerships, and we strive to be a trusted resource from product ideation through commercial market adoption. Our brand reemergence aligns our strong brand equity with our vision of partnership and connection. The new brand identity perfectly represents the compassion of our people and the reason behind the work we do.”  

With a focus on accelerating innovative medical technologies to positively impact the lives of patients in need of advocacy for access to innovative therapies, the company sought to create a visual identity that portrays the entirety of its mission:  To accelerate the adoption of healthcare innovation by advocating for consistent and reliable reimbursement.

The Logo: PRIA’s new brand identity is a heart-shaped logomark, symbolizing partnership, compassion, and PRIA’s forward-facing mission of accelerating healthcare innovation. The PRIA heart is designed to convey the company’s dedication to driving the accessibility of cutting-edge medical technology and enhancing the well-being of patients. The logomark’s two pieces represent the concept of collaborating with MedTech innovators, which is the fulcrum of PRIA’s approach to advancing medical device commercialization and adoption.

Behind Branding Elements: PRIA’s brand elements were chosen with care and forethought, delving into the psychology of colors, shapes, and imagery. The specific PRIA blue embodies strength, stability, and hope, while the gradient pattern reflects embracing the evolution of innovation in the healthcare industry without sacrificing the brand equity and recall established over 11 years. 

Marie Austin, Marketing Manager for PRIA Healthcare, expressed her excitement, stating, “The brand reemergence efforts have manifested an invigorating energy that embodies the essence of PRIA’s mission and core values. The iconography, font, and color palette precisely encapsulate what we do – partner with pioneers in MedTech, and why we do it – to ultimately improve patient outcomes and positively impact lives to influence a healthier tomorrow. The new branding is the culmination of thorough insight into PRIA’s mission and vision; it symbolizes an identity that truly aligns with our purpose to consistently endorse the advancement of transformative therapies, and advocate for patients in need of novel treatments.”

Looking Towards the FuturePRIA’s refreshed visual identity and voice is centric to its enhanced mission and expanded team in response to US Healthcare market conditions and opportunities for improvement. As the company inaugurates its new brand identity, PRIA bolsters stronger connections with stakeholders, fortifies client relationships, and amplifies its commitment to elevating patient access to revolutionary medical solutions.

As PRIA unveils its’ brand reemergence on August 23rd, the company celebrates not only a new visual identity but also a heightened determination to propel healthcare innovation forward, solidifying its position as an authority in the industry, and a trusted partner to trail-blazers in MedTech and life science.

About PRIA Healthcare:

PRIA Healthcare is a full-spectrum reimbursement services firm based in Connecticut. Vital to the successful commercialization of over 100 medical devices since 2012, PRIA Healthcare is an industry-leading partner of innovators in MedTech and Life Science. PRIA’s renowned experts in reimbursement strategy and health care economics provide support to medical device companies by navigating often challenging and otherwise uncertain reimbursement pathways, determining the coding, coverage, and payment for market access and adoption of new technologies. PRIA is agnostic to specialty and poised to support the entire product journey of innovations in healthcare from concept through commercialization. 

Please visit www.priahealthcare.com to learn more about PRIA’s portfolio, including services such as market analysis, reimbursement strategy and planning, and patient access platform solutions.  

PRIA Healthcare – Accelerating healthcare innovation.

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Marketing Manager, PRIA Healthcare

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