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Founded in 2012, PRIA Healthcare is the industry-leading market and patient access partner for medical device companies in the United States.  Headquartered in CT, PRIA has partnered with over 250 medical device companies and helped over 30,000 patients obtain life-changing therapies for various conditions and disease states, accelerating healthcare innovation, and improving quality of life and patient outcomes across the US.  Passionately tasked with propelling medical advancements, PRIA is dedicated to providing exceptional patient health advocacy, by influencing the sustainable adoption and reliable reimbursement of new technologies.  

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PRIA Healthcare's Mission

To Accelerate the Adoption of Healthcare Innovation by Advocating for Consistent and Reliable Reimbursement

At PRIA Healthcare, we’re on a mission to accelerate the adoption of healthcare innovation by advocating for consistent and reliable reimbursement. We leverage our robust expertise in early reimbursement strategy, clinical trial reimbursement programs, and market-leading patient access platform solutions to propel and enhance the adoption of ground-breaking medical devices and innovative medical procedures. We partner with innovators in MedTech and life science to define a reimbursement pathway for new technologies and liberate patients’ access to advanced medical solutions and therapies, ultimately driving the successful commercialization and adoption of innovative treatments. Our enhanced service portfolio includes individually tailored solutions for FDA-cleared innovators navigating the commercialization journey for their technology.

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